The humble steak

Trying to pick this back up again with a simple recipe. Steak plus veggies. I've been trying the low carb thing again at least until I get back into being active. Here's a good recipe that is really really reliant on good ingredients. Ingredients:Steak (i prefer ribeye or new York)SaltPepperAny veggie that absorbs sauceRed wine... Continue Reading →

Red Sauce Pasta

Not the prettiest but back to basics. Pasta is one of the first things I learned to cook and this is the first recipe that I used completely ad lib. That being said there are many many variations that I use but the Creole style meat sauce is my typical go to for a throw... Continue Reading →


My first trip to Japan, stayed mostly in Tokyo and that's where most of my foodie discoveries were. I enjoy street food and hole in the wall type places Nadeshiko Sushi in Akihabara- I'm told female sushi chefs are rare. Good sushi and the chef was good to talk to to practice Japanese. I felt... Continue Reading →

Recipe from a friend that I have yet to try so no pictures yet and no feedback Ingredients: 2-3 onions garlic ground ginger tumeric coriander cumin salt chili powder cardamom diced chicken spicy peppers Tomatoes Diced potatoes start with sauteeing (sp?) about 2-3 onions medium size i used vegetable oil i want to say about... Continue Reading →

Shepherds/Cottage Pie

Simple dish, something I used for meal prep because it's cheaper, better, and faster than eating out every lunch while at work. First some technicalities, shepherd's pie uses lamb while cottage pie uses beef. Aside from that, you use almost identical ingredients and cooking methods. Uses: First meal- 4/5 lots of prep but can be... Continue Reading →

Pesto Sauce

Super simple recipe, mostly I wanted to do something with this impulse buy of a mortar and pestle. It's a bit time consuming so I can't say I enjoy doing this and would probably opt for a food processor in the future. But the knife thing about the mortar and pestle is you can make... Continue Reading →

Salmon Coulibiac

First attempt at a Salmon Coulibiac. Not really my taste but I think I know how to make it to my taste. Russian pastry layered with salmon, rice, and in this case hardboiled egg. Uses: First Meal - 4/5 prep time might be long but it can be done long in advance and all that... Continue Reading →

Beef Wellington

I have made this dish twice, I preferred the first (pictures will be presented later) but this one did not turn out too badly. In the future I will dry out the mushroom extra, and not use bacon as I feel the bacon fat that comes from the cooking creates a very moist concoction that... Continue Reading →

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